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Tartan coats traditionally take shawl collars faced in black silk but otherwise all details are the same as for standard dinner jackets. Bow Ties A red and green plaid is a fitting touch for a less formal Christmas party as long as precautions are taken to minimize its distraction from the overall outfit.
A dinner jacket or tuxedo jacket is not a suit coat. A single-breasted jacket is the most common and most widely-accepted style, and at its most formal it should always be unvented — that is, there should not be any slits up the back of the jacket.
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A suit is a set of garments made from same cloth and consists of a jacket and trousers. A suit is ideal for formal occasions and is mostly worn at work during the day. A tuxedo (or tux) is a form of dinner jacket, different from a formal suit and more appropriate for semi-formal evening events or black tie events.
Step 1: Make sure your tux fits.

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Find black tuxedo jacket 4 button at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of black tuxedo jacket 4 button from the most popular stores - all in one.

This black velvet tuxedo blazer is a slim fit designed garment. We strongly advise that you check your measurements with the size chart before placing your order. The size chart below is for reference only. If you have any questions regarding what size selection would be right for your body type, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

When you want to make a stylish entrance into your next formal affair, this stunning slim fit dinner jacket helps you to do just that. Stand out from those around when you wear this beautiful black velvet tuxedo jacket. You will get noticed for all the right reasons.

This jacket has a contrasting black satin design details seen on the lapel and buttons. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Single Button Clothing Length: Although the inner lining will hardly be visible, getting a flash of maroon paisley adds some swag to your black tie ensemble. Regarding the bit about belt loops, I believe those should be removed posthaste if your tuxedo trousers have them!

A good tailor can remove them and have it look like they were never even there. I would also have them sew in some brace buttons so you still have some method of trouser suspension.

At the same time, look at other aspects of the tuxedo you purchased and see if it is still worth it. I am wearing a nice slim fit single button peak lapel. Would you recommend formal loafers, or lace-up shoes? That said, if budget is a consideration, the lace-ups would be our preference. You mention accessorising with a white silk pocket square but these are difficult to maintain a straight fold.

Would you favour a cotton substitute instead and what does etiquette dictate? You could also try a wool pocket square , it will hold its shape better and be fitting for the upcoming fall and winter season. That is the very definition of half-assing it.

Black tux pants to go with it. My groomsmen are in charcoal suits, and dress code is not black tie. I just loved the jacket and wanted to stand out a bit. Is there room for any color here?

Or a long tie? I think I would look great with a black bow tie or long tie, but would it be strange for me or to be coordinated at all with the wedding party? Whenever you have a dinner jacket on, we recommend a black bow tie, Ryan. Though the dress code may not be black-tie, your outfit becomes black-tie the moment you put that dinner jacket on.

Also, as you said, you would look great with a black bow tie. As for your groomsmen, they should be in neckties. This keeps everything cohesive among the wedding party while letting you stand out as the groom. Question wearing a double breast4ed tux with turned down collar and a straight black tie can I still wear a cummerbun with the long tie?

A black tie getup should include some sort of cover for the waist. Black tie means you should be wearing a bow tie. The tuxedo is a very specific combination of garments that signify a level of formality. A double breasted jacket ups the formality while a neck tie lowers it. We recommend you wear a black bow tie with your black tie look. Not sure how to tie one?

Right on cue, we just published a quick set of instructions for how to tie a bow tie. A tuxedo is about as festive as they get. If you want to give it a relaxed vibe we say skip the tie altogether. A tie adds a touch of formality. Instead, we recommend something more aggressive like an open collared navy gingham shirt with a midnight blue tuxedo.

For more ways to go beyond by-the-book black tie check out our Beyond Black Tie article. What would be the best type of bow tie? What would be best color braces to wear? Would black with polka dots be over the top? The bow tie type is a personal preference. The butterfly bow tie is a classic that looks great on everybody.

Polka dots are too zany in our book, but a more subdued pattern is one way you might bend the rules with the braces. Your clothes should enhance your look and that starts with framing your face in the best possible way. I notice no-one talks about Marcella black bows ties now. I have several in both black and white and the black are worn with a Marcella shirt. None of the websites mention this apart from the odd thing relevant to white tie. Is there a reason for this or is it something from the obscure past?

With the shift toward more casual looks across the board and the loosening of traditional black tie rules, interest in things like marcella bow ties is waning. I will be going to jail soon and want to wear a black tux going into the pen.

The fellas will think I look dapper and I am a Don. Also, I can wink to the right fellas discretely knowing that I may have to do what I have to do to survive. Eit her way,I want to make a big statement cause I am a short guy but very bulky. Is this the best way to show the fellas whose boss in the big house? Hi, I have a black tie event at Christmas in London and was interested to K of firstly if the waist coat lapel had to mirror the tuxedo lapel or if no lapel was better on the waist coat?

Secondly as its winter would a silk scarf be better than a woolen one with the overcoat… is there an etiquette to the accessory? As to the first question, a formal waistcoat lapel should match the facing on the dinner jacket lapel. As for the scarf, silk would still be appropriate, for the same reasons. The colder it is the more tightly you may wnat to wrap it around your neck. What colour pocket square should I wear with a black bow tie and midnight blue tuxedo.

I know you shouldnt match your pocket square and tie but would a black silk pocket square be okay. A simple, white silk pocket square is the way to go here, Viktor. I am getting married in July.

It is not a super formal event guests will likely wear a casual suit or sport coat and slacks with tie. However, I really liked the look of a particular midnight blue tuxedo jacket with midnight blue lapels. I am the groom, so I feel like looking extra spiffy. Additionally, i prefer the dark blue pant look to black pant look. If so, what color cummerbund makes sense? A tuxedo would have black satin lapels and a pair of pants without belt loops that feature a black strip of satin down the outseam.

So a midnight blue tuxedo should look like this. So what options would we recommend? Go all the way and wear an actual midnight blue tuxedo , or If you want to put a different spin on the tux, go with a Royal Blue Dinner Jacket with Black Tuxedo Pants , or a Midnight Brown Dinner Jacket with Black Tuxedo Pants or If all this formality is too much for you, go with a midnight blue suit customized with peak lapels and accessorize it with a dark tie neck tie, white shirt, white pocket square and black shoes for a classy, dressy look.

We hope one of these alternatives will work for you. I got my tux from black lapel a year ago for my brothers wedding. In terms of cleaning the peak tuxedo and shirt, what would you recommend? I read that dry cleaning may not be the best way. Also when should I clean it? Two weeks before the wedding?

However, when we say regularly, we mean like once every couple of weeks. Dry cleaning it ocassionally is fine. As for the shirt, have your dry cleaner launder it every time you wear it. All of this is assuming you have a reputable dry cleaner that you can trust with a quality product like a Black Lapel tuxedo. A wooden hanger will them keep their shape between wearings. What do you recommend? The choice here is between a vest and a cummerbund.

Remember, a cummerbund is not a belt. A formal vest is there to cover your waist also hence the name waistcoat. Suspenders, on the other hand, have a function—holding your pants in place. So, we suggest suspenders under either a vest or cummerbund. Some say that a cummerbund is better looking under a shawl lapel jacket and a vest is better looking under a peak lapel jacket. That said, the slimmer you are the better a vest will look on you. On the flip side the cummerbund, when worn correctly, can help downplay a larger belly.

So go with what best fits your body and, most importantly, what looks best to you. Can you wear a traditional tuxedo shirt with pleats and the smaller collar fold down with a tie and vest.

Or stick with the bow tie and vest? A pleated tuxedo shirt should always be worn with a bow tie. The pleats and the neck tie would look strange together, so stick with the bow tie, BeeJay.

Hi, My tux is dark gray with a black satin shawl lapel. I was thinking about getting a wool black bow tie and was wondering if that material would work, as I really like the look, or if I should stick with a satin or velvet bow tie.

In that case, we recommend checking out our Beyond Black Tie article where we suggested changing things up with a silk knit bow tie. A black wool bow tie is another way to mix things up a bit. One thing, though, Brian. Wool ties are seasonal. Is a wool bow tie significantly warmer than a silk one? Probably not, but the look is touch too wintry for, say, a black tie summer wedding. My son is escorting girl friend to prom. He has his own formal wear — modern fit peak collar jacket, cummerbund and flat front pants.

Girl insists he wear a black formal shirt with tie that apparently she is having made black and gold to match her dress. Do I assume correctly he wears black braces because of the shirt issue? His studs are mother of pearl — okay with shirt thing?

So many ill-conceived outfits. I am a groom to be.. Iam planing to wear white tux and white shirt with black buttons and black toursurs. But iam little confused about, belt or cummerbund.!!

I have a brown belt and a black cummerbund with me. Which will be more matching to the mentiond tux. We say go with the black cummerbund and forego the belt altogether. Congrats and good luck suiting up for your wedding! The sleeve cuff buttons are fabric covered, does the front button also have to be covered? Thanks for your advice. Yes, the front button should also be fabric covered and likely was to start. You can reference any of our tuxedos to see what a fabric covered front button looks like on a tuxedo!

Blue velvet dinner jacket black lapels , black tuxedo pants, black shoes, white French cuff shirt, cuff links obviously … bow tie black or Blue jackard. To answer the question about the bow tie, we generally think some of the rules of black tie can be bent.

In fact, we wrote a whole article about it. But one rule we adhere to is that black tie requires a tie that is black. Partially because it just sounds silly to wear a non-black tie to a black tie event. But the main reason we follow this rule is that the color of the tie has meaning. I have a midnight blue velvet tux and wondering what kind of bowtie would go with it? I am definitely going to do a black one but should it be velvet or silk? And what colour pocket square would you suggest?

I am wearing it for my wedding reception. We recommend the classic black silk bow tie. Would I be able to wear a tuxedo with a matching african print bow tie and pocket square, with black suspenders to a wedding where no dress code was specified? This sounds like one kick-ass outfit. And would the cummerbund then have to match the bow tie? This rule should only be applied to traditional black tie, mainly solid colors. If you need some ideas on what to wear to a wedding with a certain dress code, read this.

Hello, I am a bride-to-be. I asked my fiancé to get a tuxedo for our wedding, and he did. He wants to use a coral color bow tie with a pocket piece of same colour. What do you think about him using a belt, instead of a cummerbund? Please, I would like to help me convince him with your express reply.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Your fiancé can swap out the cummerbund for a belt no problem. It will give a less prom-y look than a coral colored cummerbund would. We say you should approach this situation depending on the formality of your wedding.

I had a tuxedo tailored for me recently along with a shirt, which was wing collared. Though I like them both, I am starting to feel that the turn-down collar would give a more appealing look. Should I get a new one with tune-down? We recommend turn-down collars these days. They are more modern and let the bow tie take back a little bit of the limelight. You should let your personal style — are your more modern or more old school? Hi blacklapel going for the same black bow and tux.

But what is I am concerned is the colour of the shoes. Wanted to look little different and I thought having a dark brownish leather shoes? Is it good or I am heading towards some sort of embarrassment? The function is sort of farewell. That being said, we still believe in personal style and admire your desire to stand out from a sea of black tuxedos paired with black shoes.

This could be OK for a farewell function. I typically see the white pique tuxedo vest worn with tuxedo coats with tails. Can the white pique vest be worn with the peak lapel coat? If not, what are some good options? The white bow tie changes everything. Black tie is one level of formality lower than white tie. The same is true for a morning coat one with tails.

Similarly a white pique waistcoat is a little over the top. So, obviously I now have a gap in my studs. What are my options? Would it be acceptable to leave off the studs and just have buttons? I would rather not keep my jacket on all night. For more on bending the black tie rules, check out our story on going Beyond Black Tie.

Hi guys, Can i wear normal colored tie instead of a bow with tuxedo having satin shawl type lapel? The tux follows most of your recommendations. The reason for considering the dark grey over traditional black is the fit. Its not a flashy tux but I am worried about being the only guy with a non black tux. And eventually standing out like a sore thumb. Would appreciate any help, thanks. A black tuxedo is traditional, but for a festive affair like a wedding other colors are definitely acceptable within reason, of course.

But before we address color, we should address the real problem here: If fit is your problem, you came to the right place to solve it. Black Lapel offers a made-to-measure tuxedos that can be completely customized to your liking at reasonable prices.

Want a tuxedo that fits you flawlessly? And, when you do the math, you might find that owning a quality tuxedo is less expensive than renting. For more individual advice on how to get a great fitting tuxedo, email us at concierge blacklapel. I have a wedding coming up and the groom is a stylist. Needless to say it will be a very fashion-forward crowd. My tuxedo is black, single button, peak lapel, and slim fit.

I also have gotten it tailored to fit me perfectly. The shoe is a loafer and that is what I am wary about. I also am wondering: Formal opera pumps, as we noted above, are a classic old-school black tie shoe. According to strict black tie rules, lace-ups are actually the less formal of the two. As for wearing them sockless, that is definitely out of bounds by the traditional rules of black tie.

But rules are for beginners. The truly stylish man understands them well enough to know how to bend and break them when he deems it sartorially necessary. Nothing breaks up the continuity of a perfectly creased pair of wool formal pants and a pair of patent leather formal pumps more than a gnarly, hairy, pale, ankle and foot. In other words, tread carefully. What about a pocket square- any specific tips other than it being white? Also, how good are typical alterations on rentals? Not sure what your question is about rental tuxedos.

Seams like fashion is trending toward tuxedo with bowtie not black tie. Tuxedo and bowtie can one wear suspenders, or suspenders are of the game? Belts are not a part of the black tie outfit, so suspenders are the way to hold up your pants. Pinstripes are usually saved for business suits, Bryan. I was wondering, would a black bowtie with black cufflinks and studs work with a navy or midnight blue tuxedo?

Traditionally a dinner jacket has a satin or grosgrain lapel that is black regardless of the fabric color. Regardless, mixing blue and black is proper when it comes to formal wear, so your black bow tie and accessories sound just right.

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