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No one gets to rewrite style overnight. Even celebrities and designers get mocked if they push too far, too fast. Not everyone wants to hear that. There are lots of numbers and measurement, and it can seem kind of boring. A good fit should flatter your body.

Take the time to get to know your body, and have a tailor help you get accurate measurements. It really does matter. Certain looks are always going to be dependable.

I always urge men to focus on pieces that are both classic and associated specifically with men: Treat your clothing like an investment.

Look for a good return on your money. A serious wardrobe requires serious budgeting. That said, I do always stress the idea of buying the best clothing you can afford. Not everyone needs luxury tailoring! Spend the money you need to. Be sensible — but be willing to make at least a little bit of an investment.

A clever shopper can look like a high-powered exec in nothing but thrift-store castoffs and ready-to-wear retail clothes. It just takes time — and adjustments by a skilled tailor! Remember, the fit is everything.

If you belong to a church, Sunday morning services are always an appropriate time to wear a suit and tie even if most of the congregation dresses to a more relaxed standard. Evenings at the theater or sit-down musical concerts not rock concerts! Even day to day errands like running to the grocery store can be done in wool slacks and a blazer, rather than jeans and a sweatshirt. Different situations call for different clothes. A good dresser keeps his environment in mind — both the physical and the social aspects of it.

Physically, you want to be comfortable. That means lighter clothes in warm weather, thicker layers in cold, and a good fit all the time. Socially, you want to look respectable at all times, without inviting trouble. And yes — wearing an expensive business suit to a dive bar in a bad part of town is inviting trouble!

Make the effort to fit in while looking sharp. That means jeans and even T-shirts, when jeans and T-shirts are appropriate.

Odds are you need a little variation, in one direction or the other. Apart from those very purpose-specific outfits, everything I own is as interchangeable as possible. That way I can mix and match to get more mileage out of individual pieces. A dark blazer that goes with gray wool trousers is great.

If the same blazer also looks good with jeans, so much the better! This is very easy to achieve if you stick to simple, solid colors for most of your base pieces. Click into this section if you're expecting a little bundle of joy and need to update your wardrobe accordingly.

Our Women's Plus section is suitable for women who prefer their clothes with a curvier cut in larger sizes, while the Women's Petite section is suitable for those ladies who find standard sizes too roomy or too long in the sleeve and leg.

Men have a few options to narrow down their clothing choices. The Men's Clothing department includes a full range of clothes for any occasion, time of day or season, and those men who find standard clothing sizes comfortable can find what they need in the main department sections, including bottoms, tops and underwear and socks.

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We also have a Junior's section for girls who have outgrown the clothes in the girls' section but aren't yet ready for grown-up women's fashions. Young men in the same situation can find smaller sizes in the Men's Clothing department. You can find shoes for every occasion and every member of your family including sandals, athletic sneakers, casual shoes, flats, oxfords, dress shoes, school or work shoes, slippers, pumps and cold-weather boots.

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