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Over the last 12 months, I’ve acquired a new addiction fascinatingnewsvv.ml it’s not because I love clothes. The reality is I don’t care for them at fascinatingnewsvv.ml home, I walk around fascinatingnewsvv.ml t-shirts and basketball shorts because it’s super comfortable.. If it were up to me, I would wear that all day including in business meetings.

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Over the last 12 months, I’ve acquired a new addiction fascinatingnewsvv.ml it’s not because I love clothes. The reality is I don’t care for them at fascinatingnewsvv.ml home, I walk around fascinatingnewsvv.ml t-shirts and basketball shorts because it’s super comfortable.. If it were up to me, I would wear that all day including in business meetings.
Over the last 12 months, I’ve acquired a new addiction fascinatingnewsvv.ml it’s not because I love clothes. The reality is I don’t care for them at fascinatingnewsvv.ml home, I walk around fascinatingnewsvv.ml t-shirts and basketball shorts because it’s super comfortable.. If it were up to me, I would wear that all day including in business meetings.
The horizontal tie bar is both more traditional and conservative. I understand if you prefer a slanted tie bar but to put it on a list of rules,written in the style of the ten commandments, is a bit much.
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Anytime we get Ariel Winter‘s big boobies, I feel the need to share the pics with fascinatingnewsvv.ml she is on some magazine called Composure. I never heard of it, but I am digging the cleavage spread! Little Tuna approves.

Model Maushmi Udeshi has also gone without clothes to make us think about what lies beneath! Negar Khan's wardrobe malfunctions and nipslips are well known. This is one of the rare aesthetic and hot picture of Nigar Khan where the prominent places were covered with flower petals. Twin assets of Zeenat Aman were really 'satyam shivam sundaram' as for Mandikini's asset show under the waterfall made things wet..

Anu Aggarwal went without clothes gave a hint of her assets through a transparent dress in one of her photosession. Do not mistake the grandma's undies that looks so out of place, just confirming the fact that Bollywood actresses wear white undies or chaddis She even did a top less scene in the movie Cloud door.

Kangana Ranaut rather posed without clothes for 'Boss I love You' the movie which was shelved. Dimple Kapadia didn't intend to, but her clothes slipped and the lovely Bollywood actress was seen without clothes for a split second in the movie Saagar. Kashmira Shah said that she would have appreciated frankness from the director and if the director had said that he wanted to shoot Kashmira Shah's side view of her bust, she would have worked out to give her melons, more shape. But then then history is Revathi and Revathi is history.

Mallika Sherawat 's talked about melons have a blink and miss scene in the movie Myth. Aishwarya Rai 's bums or rather the provocative shape of bums was the only highlight of Last Legion. BloggerBuzz 6 February at Vikash Yadav 7 August at Selina 18 1 December at Sunita Prusty 27 February at Alana Shaikh 16 February at Glen Alpha 21 June at Bollywood Actress 13 August at Nitin Kumar 31 August at Samantha M 8 September at Anonymous 31 October at Anonymous 3 November at Md Ripon 18 November at Priyanka Kothari 29 November at Dimpi Lovely 7 December at Dimpi Lovely 8 December at Dimpi Lovely 10 December at Suman Sharma 27 December at Anonymous 2 January at Angel Susmita 5 February at Deepali Sharma 28 April at Swati Khullar 23 May at Sajana Singh 2 September at Anonymous 1 November at Dot House 28 December at Tim 21 April at Sam Raj 21 April at Irene mused as she drove her year-old nephew home from his latest follow-up appointment at the Andre Clinic for Male Genital Health that she had conditioned the boy very well in the first several weeks.

She had already included her friends Marg, Daphne, and Cora in his milking sessions at home and away, and the boy had been an obedient and compliant young man, cooperating fully with his milkings no matter how embarrassing Irene made them to be. She had managed many 'out of home' milking sessions in order to keep up the schedule; several while visiting at Marg's or Daphne's house, and once at the shopping mall with Cora's help.

The first time he had been milked away from Irene's house or the Andre Clinic was at Daphne's. She had purposefully taken the boy to Daphne's home only a half-hour before his scheduled milking.

Since she only let him wear small cotton gym trunks, and his conditioning had caused him to become erect in anticipation of his next milking, the poor boy arrived at Daphne's already struggling to hide a growing erection. Irene just 'had to' insist that he stand up straight with his hands at his sides as she greeted her friend and chatted about the weather. The boy's blushing and fidgeting were just priceless as Irene explained all about Craig's milking schedule, and the two mature women blatantly looked at the tenting bulge in his shorts.

Irene then told Craig to go ahead and take off his shorts and tee shirt so Daphne could see how pretty his new pink pouch-panties were. He was so nervous as he undressed under the oh-so-interested eyes of his two mature keepers. Daphne allowed as how the pouch-panties looked 'very nice' on Craig and encouraged him that from now on, he need wear nothing else whenever he came to visit her home.

Of course Irene agreed that would be best as she explained to her friend the developmental benefits of the pouch-panties while young Craig could only stand in front of them as a panty-model. Soon it was time to relieve her nephew's semen build up, and Irene asked if she could enlist her friend's help to perform Craig's scheduled milking atop Daphne's dining table. Daphne was only too happy to help, and led Craig by the hand to her dining room, helped him out of his pouch-panties under Irene's watchful eye, and the two ladies worked together to position Craig just right at the corner of the table.

Daphne brought the boy some small pillows for his knees, and a big fluffy one to lay his head upon. His position was perfect for milking — on his elbows and knees — with his left knee just at the dining table's corner. Irene positioned the sample cup beneath Craig's stiffening penis, and taught Daphne how to properly milk a boy with the two-handed downward strokes. She also taught her how to properly fondle and stimulate the boy's dangling testes to excellent effect, and the two women took turns at each station.

The constant starting and stopping of the milking process as the two women kept changing places made this particular milking session take extra time.

Of course, the ladies were in no hurry, and took their time to chat about the wonders of male genital development and keeping up a good schedule with a boy so that he wouldn't get an unhealthy 'backing up' of semen. The boy's blushing embarrassment was just adorable!

It seemed the more embarrassed and ashamed the boy was, the more intense were his ejaculations and more copious the semen he produced. This was, of course, one of the chief goals of the psychological imprinting portion of his genital development program. Daphne picked up on the verbal 'imprinting' with the same acuity that she had mastered the downward milking stroke and testicle massage techniques that were so important for a boy's healthy and thorough milking.

She quickly joined in with Irene in saying all the special things that a boy needs to hear from his lovingly maternal and mature masturbatrices. Daphne was taking a turn sliding her hands from the base of his thick penis all the way over his red and swollen glans, slowly and efficiently repeating the hand-over-hand continuous downward stimulation to draw the boy ever so slowly to ejaculation.

She said, "Keep your thighs nice and wide, dear so that your Aunt Irene can properly massage your full testicles while I milk your beautiful penis. You're being such a good cooperative boy, honey, and we'll have you making nice big spurts of semen soon, dear. But right now, you just relax and let Aunty Daphne stroke your penis for you, that's a good boy Your testicles are so big and full for us this morning.

I'm sure you'll soon be giving us some nice big-boy spurts of semen soon and fill up the sample cup for us, won't you dear? But not too soon, dear, because we have to build up the stimulation slowly, don't we?

Yes, such a good boy knows that his Aunt Irene and Aunty Daphne know what's best for his penis. And we know just how to stroke your penis gently and rub your sweet testes to help you. We don't want to have you spurt for us too soon, dear. A good and proper milking of semen takes a long time and must be done with patience and care, honey. We know what's best for you dear, you just need to breathe deeply and relax and let us take care of your big stiff penis and your firm swollen testicles.

We're going to get all your semen out in just a while longer, dear, so you just relax and let us take good care of you. Irene had shown Daphne how to gently stretch the boy's testes down and behind him while feeling and fondling them lovingly.

Daphne had never seen genitals as large as Craig's, and was both impressed and fascinated by every shape, texture, and color. She adored his testes and treated them lovingly as she massaged and felt them to her heart's content.

Irene began to increase the tempo of the downward strokes slightly as she teased the boy mercilessly. I suppose since he's scheduled for a milking, that we should milk him fully Irene continued, "On the other hand, I suppose I could begin to rub his penis faster and encourage him to let his semen flow.

But at the same time, it might be best to slow down and just make it last another half hour or so. Daphne said, "But I think we agree that he has been a good boy.

He's been holding nice and still for us in his milking position, just like you told him to. He's kept his head down and his thighs wide so that we can access his genitals well.

What if he promises to give us his very best spurts and give us every last drop of his semen? Would you let him ejaculate for us if he promised to be such a very good boy? Then she gripped his penis in her left hand just above the crown of his glans, and rubbed the flat palm of her soft and well-lubricated palm in circles against the red and swollen head of his overly-aroused penis. Both ladies suppressed giggles as the boy gasped and moaned as his hips couldn't help but wiggle in response to the intense stimulation.

Irene spoke in a soft and maternal voice, as though speaking to a very young child, as she said, "Craig, dear, your penis seems very sensitive, do you think I should stop rubbing and stroking and playing with your penis so you can rest honey?

Irene increased the stimulation, pulling and twisting with her hand around his shaft and rubbing the tips of her soft fingers all over his glans.

Please use your words like a good boy and tell me what you need. She used her skills to try to prohibit the desperate boy from talking, just to enjoy his delicious torment. She knew that by focusing all her attention to the head of his penis, he wouldn't be able to ejaculate, but he'd be overwhelmed by the intense sensations.

Oh, how she loved boys and their oh-so-delightfully sensitive penises. She knew the old saying was true that if you were in control of a boy's penis, you were in control of the boy.

Craig squirmed and panted and gasped for breath, trying to form words in his overwhelmed mind. Irene smiled and said to Daphne, "Dear, would you please pull his sweet testes down a bit, and make sure they can't be drawn up? That will help him hold back from spurting too quickly Irene said, "Craig, did I understand correctly that you'd prefer to be milked to ejaculation soon, rather than for me to just continue playing with your penis for a long time?

He nodded emphatically, "Oooohh God I suppose it is true that you've been a very good boy for us and does seem like you're ready to have a nice big ejaculation for us. Do you promise to spurt hard for us and give us every last precious drop of semen?

If I ask Daphne nicely to release your testicles and come sit by me to watch your spurts, will you be a good boy and make big spurts for her and make me proud? Irene said, "Alright then. Daphne, why don't you come over to my left and sit in a dining chair, I'm sure you'd have a good view of Craig's spurting penis from there. Irene scooted a little to her right, toward Craig's bottom, and she reached her right hand between his thighs and grasped the shaft of his penis firmly.

She began to stroke up and down with her right hand with firm even strokes. Her new position caused her right wrist to push against the boy's testicles as her hand stroked up his shaft, and with her left hand out of the way, she gave Daphne a clear view of the boy's purple head from whence would soon come spurts after spurt of juicy boy semen.

Irene caressed the boy's bottom with her left hand as she stroked his penis quickly with her right. She said in a very maternal and comforting voice, "Alright honey, it's time for you to spurt out all of your semen while Daphne watches. Just let it flow now, dear. I want you to be a good boy for us now, and you have your Aunt Irene's permission to ejaculate for us.

She marveled that her hands and arms had grown in their stamina for this task, never tiring anymore. She worked her boy's penis thoroughly, driving him right to the edge of ejaculation and over the cliff as her mature friend Daphne watched with rapt attention. Suddenly, as boys always do, Craig's body stiffened with every muscle tensed. Another and another and another — the boy kept spurting into the cup as Irene continued stroking his penis and making sure that his head was over the collection beaker so that not a drop would be wasted.

After five or six strong spurts, the boy's body relaxed further and Irene continued milking him. He dribbled more semen as Daphne looked on, and then finally Irene used long base-to-tip strokes to coax additional drops from the boy's softening penis. When there was not a drop more that could be enticed from the boy's spent penis, Irene let go of him. Craig rolled onto his back, away from the ladies, and lay there panting to catch his breath. Daphne looked up at her friend. Is it this intense every time he's milked?

The women drank tea in quiet happiness as they sat near the boy's reclining body and observed his soft and resting genitals. Daphne was so pleased and fascinated with the ample size of the boy's penis and testicles, that with Irene's happy permission, she pulled a chair close beside the resting boy and laid her hand gently upon his genitals. The two women chatted for at least half an hour as Daphne sipped tea with one hand and explored Craig's soft and relaxed genitals with the other.

Daphne sighed many times with contentment as she fondled the resting boy. It seemed so peaceful and natural for a woman to enjoy the warmth and velvet feeling of a boy's most intimate parts. When it was time to go, Daphne got to help Craig on with his pouch-panties and very much enjoyed helping his penis and testicles into the correct position inside the pouch.

She even leaned forward and planted a chaste little kiss on the head of his penis. Daphne smiled up at him and gently patted his genitals as they nestled in their sheer pouch. She said, "Now you be a good boy for your Aunt Irene, and do come back and visit your Aunty Daphne soon.

And when you do, be sure to wear your pretty panties, won't you dear? Irene said, "Perhaps in the future, I could drop Craig off to stay with you for a day or two.

I'm sure you've had enough experience now to be quite capable of taking good care of his penis and testicles and seeing to his milking needs. Any time at all that I can help with Craig's needs, I'd be happy to do so. In the subsequent weeks there had been many others and Daphne had become one of Irene's favorite partners to help her with Craig's milking schedule On a different day, Irene took Craig shopping for some new swimming suits, since he loved swimming so much and summer was upon them.

They went to the store in the nearby mall owned and operated by Irene's dear friend Cora, who had recently entered her sixties, and her year-old daughter, Marilynn. While trying on several tiny Speedos and modeling them for the three ladies, two things happened. The girls got a very good display of the blushing boy's big genital bulges in the tiny swimming briefs he was forced to try on, each one smaller than the next.

Also, as the time for his milking approached, he had an obvious erection, which simply could no longer be contained in the little briefs. Cum Fiesta April 18, Cum Fiesta April 11, Cum Fiesta April 4, Cum Fiesta March 28, Cum Fiesta March 21, Cum Fiesta March 14, Cum Fiesta March 7, Cum Fiesta February 28, Cum Fiesta February 21, Pretty Lilly Lilly Ford , Jmac. Cum Fiesta February 14, Cum Fiesta February 7, Cum Fiesta January 31,

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